Our “Social Franchise” Business Model

TSG believes that community action is the way to solve the major demographic and social issue of OTS unemployment/ underemployment. We developed a business model to put people on the spectrum (OTS) to work in line with their intelligence and abilities. Anyone wanting to address Autism employment in their local community may freely use and copy this model.

The TSG Business model has 4 steps :

1.     Identify a service in the local community which is in demand, can be readily outsourced (that is, performed by a third party), does not require significant personal interaction, and would benefit from the special abilities of OTS individuals: focus, attention to detail, persistence and honesty. Some examples are book-keeping, data entry, quality assurance and auto detailing.

2.     Ensure that practical, hands-on training is available that is appropriate for OTS individuals. In many cases, as for TSG, such training program will need to be created by an experienced individual in the field of business that has been chosen. For others, appropriate vocational training may already be available in the community.

3.      After individuals are trained, they still lack experience on their resume and confidence in their own abilities to do the job. An internship program needs to be created that allows people to gain real world experience by working in a more supportive and understanding environment. This may either take the form of an “employer” specifically  created to take on contracts that the OTS individuals can work on under  supervision, or established with local business partners supported by  volunteers as mentors in case of need. Such an internship should last 1-2 years to be taken seriously by future employers.

4.      Transition OTS individuals to open market positions in the chosen field. In some instances, this may require a business to be created specifically for the purpose of employing the graduates of the internship program. For open market employment, training and ongoing support for employers  can be very helpful to overcome bias and misunderstanding of Autism.